Focuses on developing knowledge to individuals in technical and managerial contexts. This service consists of training that is focused on learning how to assess the security system, fix the vulnerabilities, and to raise security concerns in various groups in a company / organization.

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Cyber Security Training


Security Awareness

Security Awareness is an educational activity with the target participants being all individuals in an organization. The purpose of this education is to provide an understanding of the risks and impacts of the information used, understand the potential of threats and increase awareness of information and cyber security.

Secure Software Development

Secure Software Development is an educational activity for developers regarding methods for developing secure applications. Developers will learn various attack techniques on applications, explain how attacks can occur and will open insight for developers about what things must be considered in making applications safely.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is an educational activity aimed for technical people. This activity is to increase understanding of attack techniques on a system. Participants will learn various attack techniques that can be carried out on the system so that they can explain how the attack can occur.

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