Privacy Policy

Information on the Collection and Use of Personal Information

“Personal Information” means information about a person or organization where that person or organization can be identified by using their name, resident registration number, telephone number and others. The purposes for collecting and using personal information from users are as follows:

Classification The Intended Use
User Settings
  1. Personal identification for service use;
  2. Prevention of illegal uses and uses that are not approved by users who are judged as not meeting the provisions;
  3. Confirmation during the reporting handling process and follow-up on the pre-determined reporting status;
  4. Data collection for consultation purposes, user complaint handling procedures;
  5. Announcement.
Provision of Services
  1. Provision of services for the reports submission;
  2. Delivery of reporting receipts and notification of reporting status;
  3. Document delivery.
Other Uses
  1. Providing optimal services for users;
  2. New service development;
  3. Observation of the number of accesses to the Platform pages;
  4. Service usage statistics;
  5. Notification delivery;
  6. User survey;
  7. Service notification.

CA only collects the information needed for the provision of the Service. Such action has obtained user consent at the time of collection of information for service provision. CA does not collect sensitive personal information that can violate the basic human rights of users, namely race, nationality, ideology, beliefs, political preferences, criminal record, health conditions, sexual life, and others.

CA collects and uses the following personal information:

Classification Information Requested The Intended Use
Individual Users
  1. Name, ID Card, and/or Driver’s License, and/or Passport, password, Date of Birth, E-mail, cellphone, correspondence address
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  1. Self-identification, public records relating to the use of services, and others.
  2. Smoothness in the service process
  3. Confidential information disclosure rules
Organizational Use
  1. Name, password, E-mail, cellphone, correspondence address
  2. Cooperation Contract Letter approved and signed by the responsible official
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  1. Self-identification, public records relating to the use of services, and others.
  2. Clarity of service usage
  3. Confidential information disclosure rules

The personal information of Platform users will be stored and used for a certain period of time based on the applicable laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia for the benefit of the Cyber Army Indonesia. Users can view all reports that have been submitted to CA through this Service and can download all data and information submitted by the User. Users are not given the right to change part or all of the data and information on vulnerability reporting that has been submitted to CA and has been assigned a status.

CA is not responsible for service failures to Users caused by, but not limited to, errors in typing data and information made by the User himself.