29 November 2022, 00:22
Program Name Cyber Academy
Type Program Vulnerability Management Program
Company / Organization CyberArmy Academy
JAWA BARAT, Indonesia
Certificate Status Verified (29 August, 2022 to 27 December, 2022)
Site Name https://www.cyberacademy.id/

CyberArmyID Security Compliance Standard

Account takeover
Authentication bypass
Cross-site request forgery
Cross-site scripting (XSS)
IDOR/Broken Access Control, sensitive actions by user
Information disclosure / Sensitive data exposure
Privilege escalation
Remote/Arbitrary code execution
SQL Injection
Timing or enumeration attacks that have a tangible risk to security or privacy
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
XML External Entity Attacks (XXE)
Exposed Administrative Panels that don't require login credentials
Directory Traversal Issues
Local File Disclosure (LFD)
Server Side Template Injection (SSTI)

Cyber Academy has registered in CyberArmyID Certified and has complied with CyberArmyID Security Compliance Standard.

PT Global Inovasi Siber Indonesia | www.cyberarmy.id | [email protected]